Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Listed Hate By The Crate!

The cat has seen it a time or two and I'm sure you have at your zoo. I seem to say that a lot. I guess I see things better than a robot. Maybe more need glasses? Bah, can't stop the contentment of the sheep masses.

Look at my list.
It's not to be missed.
What? You hate it?
Don't throw a fit.

My list is great.
It's top rate.
Don't question my list.
There is no reason to be pissed.

Now I'm pissed too.
How dare you question what's in view.
My list is simply the best.
It beats all of the rest.

They are the top ten.
Top ten places to make a den.
Top ten places to visit when there.
There is no more room to spare.

How could I have missed that?
Bah, I think that is scat.
I have never been there.
So it can't even be a spare.

How could I miss?
Bah, there is no bliss.
This is my list.
It's not to be missed.

It is the end all and be all.
Don't give me a cat call.
Here you will have a ball.
Any other you will stall.

My opinion is right.
I have a list in sight.
You are just questioning me.
My list is the best spree.

Best list for living.
Best list for forgiving.
Best list for fishing.
Best list for wishing.

All top ten.
Best for all women and men.
No additions allowed.
My list draws a crowd.

Ever see such nuts that get in their list ruts? They pick top ten to use and then some other nut comes to abuse. Why didn't you add this or that? They are really where it is at. Then the list maker gets in a huff and claims the best stuff. Around and around it goes in mass. I'll stick to listing how humans are nuts to my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

The Time Has Come Beat The Drum!

Your death is here because time gave you a peer. Yeah, a human construct said it was your time and so you buy into such a useless chime. But when it is your time, it is your time. Excuse me while I go listen to something worthwhile from a mime.

Time is time.
Some stupid chime.
Always given,
By those a livin'.

You'll find one.
If not a ton.
They love that saying.
Laziness sure displaying.

Drink and smoke.
Grab a toke.
Drive while drunk.
For its all bunk.

If you die, you die.
That is your cry.
If you live, you live.
All will forgive.

For it's the when.
The when of some magic pen.
That is your expiry date.
It is already fate.

Push yourself.
Climb that shelf.
Jump from a 50 story high rise.
No need to be wise.

No need to eat right.
No need to sleep at night.
No need to exercise away.
Just listen to what I say.

When it is your time, it's your time.
That is my life's chime.
You never know when time is up.
So just live life and fill your cup.

Fill it with booze.
How can you lose?
That liver damage was supposed to be.
You flat on the pavement was the end for thee.

That heart attack was meant for you.
That whatever other preventable thing was meant to come due.
For you have no more stairs to climb,
When it is your time, it is your time.

Pfffft to that saying says the cat. Yeah, we never truly know where we are at. But you can prevent a lot of it by not doing stupid shit. An excuse is all it is for many being lazy asses, but that is the way of the masses. Do you think when it is your time, it is your time is the way to be? Big difference between not fearing and being an idiot at ones sea. I think I'll go back to the mime or the singing bass. They have much better things to say to my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.

Monday, January 15, 2018

A What You Know Type Of Flow!

The cat has heard this a time or two. I'm sure you have too. It is the old write what you know rule. Pffffft to that is all that is given by this fool. But let's pretend it is right. Or not at my site.

Write what you know.
Come on, let it flow.
Flow or not.
Work it into the plot.

No plot without it.
Nope, not one bit.
Only what you know.
Known is the best show.

Sci-fi writing?
Bah, bad lighting.
Can't write that.
You don't know a future stat.

Or do you?
The Mayans were true.
Err ummm bad example.
But I'm sure there are ample.

Thinking, thinking, nope.
Sorry there, dope.
You don't know.
So onward you can't go.

Writing for a cat.
Wow, look at that.
You know what it is like to be a cat.
Pfffft yeah right to that.

Sorry, can't write it.
Don't hiss and spit.
You can't fool me.
No cat is thee.

Write about Timbuktu.
Damn, well traveled are you.
What, you never went there?
Sorry, no writing to spare.

But I want to be like you.
I want to write about it too.
All over the place.
I want to embrace.

I wrote the lottery numbers down.
I just won a golden crown.
I know the numbers at my sea.
Are you is in the know as me?

Pffft to that most of the time. Sometimes it is a fine chime. But most of the time it is crap. Do you give that rule a flap? Maybe you do know magic, sex with genies and what it's like to die in quicksand. Hey, those just popped in at my land. But if the latter you know because it came to pass, you won't be able to write about it to my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.