Saturday, October 1, 2016

Is Spooky Just Kooky?

It is that month once more, you know, the one where the Halloween Nazi starts to roar. Whoops, was I supposed to reveal that? Bah, she can't get a hold of the cat.

The scary is back.
Back on the attack.
Back you say?
Really? Okay.

The grave yard is back.
Yep, was gone to a new shack.
The ghosts are back too.
The other 11 months they went shoo.

Back with a boo.
Maybe October they use a ghostly loo?
Some could just be constipated,
Booing as they are going and elated?

Hey, it is a theory.
See? No need for eerie.
Right! Back to it.
A spooky fit.

So much more spooky.
October they are kooky.
The Addams Family theme?
Maybe that is some remake dream.

Now that would be scary.
Not like that It who's hairy.
More like mundane Hollywood nuts.
They already talk out their butts.

Spooky is the way.
It is even more so on the final day.
Yep, kids pretend and run about.
They may even shout.

Wait! Didn't I see that at the grocery store?
Wow, maybe they got better with an encore?
Yeah, they are so much more spooky now.
Those germs just jump off them some how.

To hell with the rest.
October passes some test.
A fake test maybe.
But the spooky is here for thee.

Yep, so much more scary now.
Look! A ghost, go have a cow.
Spooky that would be to see.
Maybe it would be more nasty a spree.

Think things are more scary this month do you? Pffft at my zoo. Just a day/month designated by humans to cash in. No more than any other month will scary stuff take a spin. If there is even scary stuff. Seeing a snot nosed rug rat flicking boogers may be tough. But they do that all year around. At least free candy can be found. Sugar up the rug rat class, just keep them away from my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Friday, September 30, 2016

Birds In Bushes Spying On Tushes?

So they say a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. Hmmm on that saying today I will shush. Not quite as dumb as kill two birds with one stone. That one too I'll leave alone. For let's make a deal. Come and spin the wheel.

Searching for a job?
Searching for a car?
Maybe a house to rob?
The later you may not get far.

Do you pick and choose?
Do you just say yes?
What have you to lose?
Like some weird game of chess.

Need that job to live,
But it may surely suck.
No one is going to give,
So you can't pass the buck.

Need that car to drive.
Or you could take the bus.
So you can still survive,
Even if the bus makes you fuss.

A house to rob?
We wouldn't recommend.
For you may get a celly named Bob,
And he may force you to umm bend.

Do you take the first one?
Do you search around?
More lucrative may be spun,
But can you afford for it to be found?

The offer looks great.
But a better one may come.
Seconding guessing is a trait,
That could leave you numb.

Like cold on the street.
A street with no heat.
That wouldn't be neat.
So do you hit delete?

Hindsight is 20/20?
That much is true.
Present can screw you plenty,
But the past is there in view.

A take it and run?
A take it and grouch?
A wait for something more fun?
Or do you just sit on the couch?

The cat got the questions rolling today. Sometimes you just have to take what comes your way. There may be a better deal, job, house to rob or umm buy later on but can you afford to wait for that greener lawn? Will it ever even come? Could make you end up numb. But maybe you'll find some green grass. You just may have to sleep on it's green mass. That would not be fun to come to pass. Although I don't mind eating it with my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

This Is Mine Tries To Align!

There is a lot of that here and there. It is mine at every lair. Now maybe if you are a cat you can work with that. Otherwise you may be shit out of luck. On luck though we pass that fake buck. Back to it though with a this is mine show.

This is mine.
All of it.
Don't be a feline.
Humans can't do that shit.

Deluded some?
Beats little old me.
A deluded bum,
Would suck for thee.

This is my land.
Yep, it's all mine.
I don't pay taxes by the grand,
But I have a property line.

This is my air.
Go get your own.
Don't breathe it at my lair.
I won't throw a dog a bone.

This is my car.
I own it, every bit.
It can drive me far.
I don't pay that insurance and DMV shit.

That is my thought.
I thought it first.
You stole the whole lot.
I hope you burst.

That is my ocean.
I bought the beach.
I own every motion.
Stay out of its reach.

That is my beach too.
Get off the sand.
No stepping on my giant loo.
Footprints just aren't grand.

This is my moon plot.
I bought it last night.
It will give you eye rot,
If you catch it in your sight.

This is my final line.
I'd like to see you steal that.
It is all mine.
Now go be a dingbat.

Wow, you humans really like to lay claim. Some of those things are rather lame. Did you ever claim the air? You may not want to tell my lair. Don't pay your property taxes and see how long you own that land. The government will sure make a stand. Unless Google gets a bad case of gas this is the blog of my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.