Monday, March 27, 2017

The Best Rich Test!

The cat shakes his head at you humans far and near. I think you have very few things between each ear. Maybe a few worms crawling around in there. That should raise some neck hair.

They are so great.
I like every trait.
They are so cool.
Even when they drool.

Why is that?
Because they are fat.
Their wallet that is.
They are so rich they take a golden whizz.

Let's emulate each one.
That has to be fun.
Let's be a rich prick.
That will do the trick.

Get people to wipe our feet.
That is oh so neat.
Oh you missed a spot.
I can't go anywhere with a dirty trot.

Have others clean your place.
That brings a smile to your face.
You sit on your lazy fat ass,
While others clean your huge house mass.

Oh, and have 50 homes too.
That is so great to do.
Yeah, we really need that.
Be so happy where we're at.

Don't forget the yacht.
Bah, we can do without...not.
We need at least three.
A fleet to sail the sea.

A private jet too.
Sailing won't always do.
But need many a crew.
Maybe a back up one too.

Oh, look at the little people bow.
That is just so wow.
Who cares if I'm a prick?
They pile around me brick by brick.

An idea, have you?
Oh, you have two?
If only you had money?
Wow, you people are funny.

Geez, all kinds in one. Rich pricks are under the gun. Whiny people at rich pricks knees and the ones wanting to be like them pouncing like fleas. The cat got a three in one. Are you any of them under your sun? I hope not. But keep trying for that golden pot. Money is grand and a lot is fine. But wanting to be like someone who is a douche bag because they have a billion times nine? Nah, we don't need that. And who needs another billion added to that stat? Isn't 9, or whatever, billion enough in mass? You humans sure confuse my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

A Little Sale That Won't Fail?

The cat has done the weird things idiots have bought. Do to with celebrities and religious stuff were most of the connect the dot. But then there are real life things as well. To find these combed through online ad hell.

Are you in need?
Come do the deed.
Just show your money.
Then all will be sunny.

Sunny and bright.
Come buy this light.
It shines like the sun.
I have more than one.

I'm the best deal.
Come in for a feel.
I mean psychic reading, silly.
There I'll tell you lottery numbers so you'll never get chilly.

This beats all.
Come buy Halifax Shopping Mall.
Hmmm I think I wasn't clear.
Buy should be by as you peer.

Got a home you're wrecking?
How about some used decking?
Not sure on the shape.
But it isn't warped like a grape.

How about that.
I have a Donkey Kong hat.
Only $40 for the thing.
It will make your heart sing.

4 Older barbies for sale.
Betsy's auction dude may hit the trail.
Did I mention there was an added word?
4 Older Nude barbies for sale you nerd.

Come and get tickets to a show.
What one? I don't know.
The pic is grainy and no details.
Could be a show discussing lunch pails.

Wanted: Stolen antique door.
Hmm should that be, looking for?
Otherwise the cops need no help with you.
As the slammer may soon come due.

And one for all I bet.
A slightly used lingerie set.
Hey, when you need a cheap thrill,
Maybe it will fit the bill?

Yep, they are all true. I found them there in view. I'm sure they might be sold by now. Hey, to some nut they may wow. If not maybe you can track them down. Want any there at your town? Sadly there was no singing bass. I couldn't get a spare one for my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

A Little You Now In View!

After a whole 24 posts in one day from me I figured I'd show a little thee. What will I show? I'm sure you may know. Nope, not zombie feet. I guess you are left in defeat.

It's time for Spring Seeding.
After some dog pee it's needing.
I think we have a theme type thing.
With The Chicks of Spring.

It does start to get hotter.
Bring on the Grand Designs of Water.
Not being dry is a fine way.
It can lead to a Thankful Thursday.

Hmm maybe not with R is for Russia.
Those Russians may umm crush a.
Or maybe they will not.
With Thursday Movie Picks - Astronauts.

That could be a con.
But you Rock On.
Thinking too long may leave time wasted.

Wow, they were sure screaming.
R: Ragman may stop day dreaming.
Thankfully it is not storming.
Thankful Thursday: It Is Warming.

Isn't that what I said?
Do you have an A-Z: Ragdoll sitting on your head?
Hair may go up some noses.
But it beats Death If But By Roses.

That would cause some strife.
An ode to The Oddness of Life.
Life can sure be poo.
Especially if you have The Rosiedoo.

Maybe you need to hitch a ride.
Hop the Railway with pride.
There you can listen to some tunes.
That would be Recordings for some loons.

Don't get left in a lurch.
That means R - Research.
Bah, that may piss off the union.
I guess 'R' Is For Reunion.

That may also get some hate.
Damn a simple Twist Of Fate.
At least I gave it to you straightly.
That is all for Around Here, Lately.

Can you tell on what day I went through the blogroll? Hint: R was being given a stroll. Find your blog post title among these ones? There were tons. Got the first 20 that came due. Good luck remembering at your zoo. Thanks for the rhyme blog mass. You make life easier for my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.