Saturday, January 21, 2017

Why Even Ask The Long Task?

The cat even uses this one a time or two. I think everyone does at their zoo. But does it really need to be asked? It seems the long gets masked.

Bake a cake.
A car to make.
A swim in a lake.
How long will it take?

A game of Donkey Kong.
A sing a long.
A trip to Hong Kong.
I have to ask, how long?

Burnt on a stake.
Catching a snowflake.
Spotting a fake.
How long will it take?

A movie with King Kong.
To make muscles strong.
A movie with Cheech & Chong?
I have to ask, how long?

Done today?
Done when through play?
Done tomorrow afternoon?
Done on a full moon?

Whoops, not done.
Lied a ton.
This got in the way.
That was on display.

I found something wrong.
It screwed the how long.
It needed more fixing.
Original time I'm nixing.

The stove broke.
I never awoke.
I was late getting in.
How long needs a new spin.

Maybe tomorrow.
Forget the sorrow.
Maybe next week.
I have to fish in a creek.

How long will it take?
No plans you better make.
Could be a wait.
I can't nail down a date.

Ever get screwed on the how long it will take? Did the how long jump in a lake? Things get changed and screwed a time or ten. The how long is at best an estimate at many a den. Especially if say the cops are behind you. Then your trip may take a little longer to the zoo. How long did it take you to read my sass? Hopefully that is similar to most days from my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.

Friday, January 20, 2017

Round Fifty Four Takes The Crazy Tour!

They still keep on coming, although a few do the same old strumming. It's a good thing I'm far enough ahead that I can bring you some different brain dead. Is that a good thing? Bah, on with it at my wing.

pat ahtte

That like scrabble? An extra E in which to dabble?

hot blonde with big ass

That surely isn't me. But I can give you a flea.

dick slurpy poem

No thank you. I won't go there at my zoo.

animal rights signs

My ass in the air works at my lair.

money wal mar figures

Do I look like a stock broker? I'd rather play poker.

Casie in the bath

She'd bite your arm off and drown you in a horse trough.

stalker in my pants

Damn, was those pants. Could be more than ants.

hats off pat

If I don't wear one can it come off me? How about that flea?

i found my pat

Hmmm, stalker alert. Sorry, I don't flirt.

Hoping for wishes

Don't lose hope your wish may be granted by the Pope.

More money please

Me too! Send it to my zoo.

Under the bed dust

Use a vacuum and duck. The dust will be shit outta luck.

busting a shit

That new slang? If not, dang.

klomperstomper guffs

Anyone know? Damned if I do at my show.

And the winner for this round sure gets umm around. A cheat rhyme there but you won't care. Just look at this nut. Sniffed one too many a butt?

Hooray Hooray dicks hands to stay

Is that some rap song? That sounds all wrong. Maybe they got married and have someone to umm yank? But can't they themselves walk that plank? On second thought, I don't want to know that plot. This has been another crazy pass as the nuts that find my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Care For An Advance Glance?

The cat has to join in. This just has to be given a spin. You are all here everyday so you just deserve it at your bay. What is that? Just follow the cat.

For the special ones,
Comes an advanced screening.
Now don't get the runs,
And no stomping, pushing or leaning.

Each take your turn.
Sit down and wait.
For then you will learn,
What will be on plate.

Maybe that's on deck.
But I really don't care.
What the heck,
Could use a spare.

Now that your seated,
A new rhyme shall show.
Today you will be treated,
To an advanced screening glow.

Others have to wait.
Those not here at seven.
Be glad you took the bait,
This screening will be heaven.

Remember not to tell.
I don't need bad press.
But then if you raise a little hell,
People may come more not less.

The credits shall run,
And my name shall be shown.
More credits when we're done,
And maybe a hidden scene all alone.

Get your food now,
And maybe a drink.
You better hold it somehow,
Because you won't want to miss a wink.

Plus I have no human loo,
So you'll have to use the litter.
That doesn't go over well with a human crew,
And may make some bitter.

And now you've seen it.
The screening has been shown.
Wasn't that some good shit?
Leave your reviews at the tone.

Aren't you happy now? You were all chosen to see an advanced screening of my meow. You were only the special chosen few. The cat knew that would impress you. Now you may go use the loo. Just be sure and give a review. Ever see an advanced screening come to pass? Now you have, thanks to my rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.