Sunday, May 20, 2018

A Don't Care Is Unaware!

Denial seems to be the name of the game. Maybe deluded adds to its fame. Or diluted too. As in brain cells have gone from some to few. Loads it may never have been for some. So we'll stick with some for many a chum.

Great is around.
It has a great sound.
An oh so great one.
Great has to be spun.

Wonderful, excellent and maybe even good.
Each can also be understood.
I'm sure there are more,
But that would just bore.

So we'll stick with great.
It has the most used trait.
You don't agree?
How dare thee.

No, really how dare you?
How do you dare at your zoo?
Is it by magic?
Damn, could turn tragic.

Get turned to a puddle.
Ideas sure can muddle.
Back to form.
Great's the norm.

It is just so.
I don't care what you say at your show.
Using great is just great.
It has to be our fate.

I don't care what you say.
Nope, not one bit at our bay.
Great is just great.
It has to be our fate.

Did I repeat a rhyme?
It was just such a great chime.
I don't care what you say.
Another little replay.

But I still don't care.
You must be aware.
Great is just great.
It is up to the plate.

Forget things like good.
Great is to be understood.
And you know what?
I don't care what you say at your hut.

Hmmm does one protest too much? If they don't care, why say it more than a touch? Secretly they just want you to agree. Are you a closet I don't care what you say person at your sea? Or would you just rather do what you like and have I don't care what you say take a hike? You humans make things so complicated, especially when what you really want is for your ego to get inflated. Now I'll go hawk up a hairball mass. I don't care what you say about it to my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Saturday, May 19, 2018

A Lounging Way All Social Today!

Here I am a sitting and a social moniker would be fitting. But there are no OMGs or TFBs that come due. So maybe social wouldn't work for the hip at our zoo. I guess it may or may not be true. But there is a place which you can embrace.

Time to scrounge.
You want a lounge.
Not a lounger.
Different kind of scrounger.

A lounge for all.
Sings stand tall.
Smokers have one.
Blah by the ton.

Lounges for strippers.
Lounges for tippers.
Lounges for shippers.
Boats or tv show dippers.

Lounges aren't rare.
Could sit in a pair.
A lounging double dip.
Think you huffed cat nip.

But one is out.
Out and no about.
Although some try.
Can we ask why?

Social media lounge.
We shall scrounge.
Oh look, one there.
You can lounge in a chair.

You can sit and type.
Or maybe you Skype.
Social media lounges are the rage.
Come in after paying a wage.

Out in the street.
Out for something to eat.
Out in the car.
Out at a bar.

Up a hill.
Having a thrill.
Fingers go broke?
Did you croak?

Guess what?
Don't need a hut.
Social media lounge in the air.
OMG mind blown at your lair.

Ever go into a social media lounge? Do you really need a place to scrounge? You can stop and type and poof, done. No need to pay for such a run. Of course if you stop in the middle of the street, you may end up dead meat. Doesn't social media lounges seem redundant a bit? For you can lounge at home where you sit. Enjoy the social media trespass. I'll lounge away at home with my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Friday, May 18, 2018

Not In A Rut As We Got A Big But!

Nah, not that kind of butt. We forgo those at our hut. And nope, we do not lie. Did that song now fly? Stuck in your head? Oh the dread. I guess that worked out weird. But that isn't the butt to be feared.

This is great.
This is grand.
It's sure first rate.
I'll give you a hand.

But there was this.
But there was that.
It just had this hiss.
No need for a spat.

But those aren't bad.
It is still great.
A fun time was had.
It's sure second rate.

Sorry, I can't count.
First or second..whatever.
It is still an amount.
Works for any endeavor.

But it may need this.
But it may need that.
Something could be amiss.
Like maybe a welcome mat.

But don't even care.
I still say it's great.
Maybe it's even fair.
But it sure is third rate.

I really can't count.
I may need a math class.
But still a top three amount.
So no need for sass.

But there is one thing.
This thing is rather abundant.
It sticks out like bling.
I swear I don't mean to sound redundant.

But...and this is a big but,
You are fourth rate.
You can't make the cut.
But it still was great.

It's just a big but.
I soon need to take this call.
It wasn't large like King Tut.
Okay, that is just all.

So buts can grow? Not those butts for show, but actual buts? Damn, you humans are nuts. Okay, maybe not. This doesn't need to be a plot. But could go big like BUT or maybe like BUT at each hut. Now that is a big but. Sure can make the cut. Do you like big buts and you can't lie? Or is it more the other butts you give a try? Do you go big with your but? Can't have buts that go put put. As in putter not put. Shoe's on the other foot? Damn, that is weird too. But could make for a happy Blue. Maybe a big happy Blue will come to pass. Bah, I'll skip the big butts and buts and just go with my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.