Thursday, December 8, 2016

A Flip Flop Mind Of A Kind!

Human minds are like a deck of cards, the joker is hiding among the bards. That and they deal a new hand each day. Hell, maybe every couple of minutes on display.

I want that like here.
Please make it like that.
I really like that gear.
That is where it's at.

Wow, you got it done.
This is how I asked.
But the other way was more fun.
Can a reverse action be tasked?

Thanks for the reverse.
But I think it was better before.
I know I may make you curse,
But can you go back and re-explore?

That was how it got made.
It is back to what you did.
I think I'd like a little trade.
Can I put in a new bid?

That is a good mix.
You got it done pretty fast.
I have another small fix.
This will sure be a blast.

What a great job.
Can you take it back to before?
Your time I may rob,
But it needs that certain lore.

Now that is how I want it.
It is almost there.
Can you tweak it a bit.
I know you have some time to spare.

That is perfectly done.
You got it right on.
I think something else needs to be spun.
Ah, a new idea did dawn.

You added it in.
That was great.
It sure is a win.
Can you take away a trait?

There you go.
It is back to how it started.
I'll take it with a bow.
It and I will never be parted.

More like your mind and you were already parted. You change your mind faster than the cat just farted. Are you one of those? Do you strike a flip flop mind changing pose? Then in the end you take what was there at the start. That is worse than a brain fart. All of this has just given me gas. I won't change my mind about passing that out of my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Melt Away Those On Display!

The cat is back,
Back at my shack.
To be back wouldn't I have to go?
Damned if I know.

Though I do.
So damned at my zoo?
 Damn, need to watch those words.
Whoops, how about them birds?

Yeah, on with it.
As here we sit.
I'm sitting, are you?
Bet more than a few.

Insecurity is the name.
Isn't that word lame?
Who needs it?
Hey, gives a rhyming fit.

Want it gone?
Easy with no con.
Just let it melt.
Screw the hand dealt.

Frosty is toast.
He sure can't boast.
He went down under.
Whoops, the sun did plunder.

Now he's a puddle.
Around him kiddies huddle.
He just wanted to see a kangaroo.
One that wouldn't steal his shoe.

He came, he saw, he died.
The poor kiddies cried.
The kangaroo hopped away,
All went on with their day.

Wow, that was depressing.
Is that what you're guessing?
A mythical snowman died. 
Pfft screw the depressing ride.

Melt like mythical him.
Insecurity gone on a whim.
Then a new hand can be dealt.
For you skipped folding and went with melt.

Wasn't that wise of me? Hmmm yeah, I'm a bit crazy at my sea. But there could be something in there. At least I didn't repeat the fart one at my lair. Look! I used the new badge too. I guess that means this was the first post written when that came due. Could also mean I'm a tad slow or too lazy to make the other one go. We'll go with the first one of the mass. That is much better sounding to my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

An I Know It Friendly Bit!

The cat was here and there, heck the cat was anywhere, and I hear this time and time again. I'm sure you have at your den. It is not hard to spot. It seems to be a familiar plot.

You were where?
They get in your hair.
You did what?
They're right up your butt.

I've done that.
They chew the fat.
Yap on and on like they know,
When really full of crow.

You could say that,
And they'd still chew the fat.
I've eaten crow before.
They'd say it at their shore.

But then there is more,
More to the chore.
Yeah, it's a chore to listen to.
Rather go watch a mutt eat doo doo.

For these people are already full of shit.
I may as well watch a dog show it.
Then I can say I've seen that too.
Isn't that something you want to do?

These nuts would.
As well they should.
They have to have done it.
Wait! There is the other fit.

My friend has done that.
They chew more fat.
No wonder they are wide,
As they take you for a ride.

I have a friend like that.
They are where it's at.
I have a friend like that.
They aren't where it's at.

The need to agree.
A friend or me me me.
To outshine with a friend,
Why is that a trend?

A nut on the loose?
Bet they even humped a moose.
Maybe they threw in a goose,
As they talk out their caboose.

You have to know a few like that. They are everywhere with brains of scat. They have seen it and done it all. They must be immortal at their hall. Them and their friend stash. Think they even have friends after away they dash? Pfffft is all the cat can say as I ignore and go about my day. I do leave them a little gas. That is all they get though from my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.