Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The Old May Not Be Bold!

Ever go back and look at where you started? It was like the cat just farted. You know, nothing but gas. Boy, was that a mass.

Back to the start.
You threw a dart.
Seeing what stuck.
Really though, what the fluck?

Spelling was bad.
Drive Grammar Nazi's mad.
Maybe even the cat.
I shake my head at that.

An on and on.
A run on con.
Convoluted a bit.
What was with it?

Thoughts on a roll.
Out they did stroll.
Rambling away.
Hmm, I may do that still at play.

A rip off too.
Damn, my zoo.
That brings shame.
But it lit a flame.

Time goes on.
No longer a con.
The groove does dawn.
Sacrifice the pawn.

Time for the knight.
Cat sees the light.
A that and this,
Sure switches for bliss.

Easier to read.
Spelling takes seed.
A cat learned to spell.
Isn't that swell?

Even a book,
At my nook.
Well more than one.
Having over 100 is fun.

Much came due,
From start to new.
Or start to now.
But I'll still raise an eyebrow.

I was just checking for dead links here and there, as they supposedly drag down your lair, and saw some of the cat's spelling. Surprised the grammar nazi's weren't yelling. Ever look at your old posts to see how far you've come? They can be scary and then some. But really they weren't too bad in mass. I was just a blog noob little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

The Creative Way Comes To Play!

You may be creative and not know it. How about that little tidbit? You don't believe that cat? Wait until you get buried in scat. Figuratively that is. Unless you're Biff with his manure biz.

Creative with a blog.
That has no fog.
That you can see.
Blog for you, blog for me.

Creative with art.
With or without a sparkly fart.
That you can see.
It's drawn by thee.

Creative with writing.
Ideas start igniting.
That you can see.
It's typed out by thee.

Creative with work.
Beat out that jerk.
That you can see.
Work's done by thee.

But you don't do those?
Oh the woes.
Not creative you say?
May go the other way.

Shit hits the fan.
A flash in the pan.
But it still hits.
Can sure be the pits.

Stuck in an endeavor.
Can't get out ever?
Wait, you're clever,
You fixed the endeavor.

They say can't,
Like a little worker ant.
They say no way,
Shit's here to stay.

Oopsy, you think.
Wow, nothing did sink.
You thought and fixed.
The shit was nixed.

Fan is clean.
All is serene.
You came up with a solution,
Having a creative contribution.

Sometimes you don't know how creative you can be until the shit hits the fan at your sea. Ever found you were creative when need be? Can get one out of a jam with a creative spree. Always, most every time, a way. Only have to think at one's bay. So you can also join the creative class. Trust my creative little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Can You See When It's Upon Thee?

Some sure can't take the hint from that little glint. Or would that be glimmer? Either way there may be a shimmer. You know when it is one you hate. Cassie has that look as her trait.

Hey there!
Inside you swear.
It is those you dread.
They are hard on the head.

Sometimes just because.
Other times a nosey buzz.
Other times they may smell.
Other times cause you hell.

Whatever the reason.
It's like a cold season.
Want to avoid them all.
Hard on the head at your hall.

So you give a stare.
That little glare.
May do the trick.
Comes off some slick.

The classic grunt.
When you they hunt.
Hate comes to play.
Said all but go away.

Then there is the ignore.
That can be a chore.
Hey there! Gets an encore.
Then they say more.

But also the flip.
You flap your lip.
They see you and stare.
Do you get the glare?

Do you get the grunt?
Follow their stunt?
Earn the flip.
No double dip.

The ignore comes due.
Does it turn you blue?
Do you catch the clue?
They just don't like you.

Catch the hate,
When up to the plate?
Strike out or in?
Which is the spin?

Can you tell when someone hates you? Can they tell when you give them the glare, grunt, etc. at your zoo? No one is going to like everyone at any sea. Always nut cases from which one will want to flee. Whether that is you, me or a rhyming cat. Some will give hate and that is that. Can you tell with each hateful pass? I usually can with my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.