Monday, April 23, 2018

A Nervous Nelly With An Upset Belly!

The cat is going to post today. What will people say? What will people think? What will they drink? What will they eat? What will they repeat? What....who cares. Did I just get stares?

The A Mathematical Z At My Sea!


Nervous Nelly had a rhyme.
But it ended before its time.
She could have done it well.
Every word she knew how to spell.

She knew the meter.
She wasn't a cheater.
She knew the scheme.
It was her dream.

But what if ruled.
What if fooled.
Left on the brink.
Left only to think.

What if there's hate?
What if it's fate?
What if it's not?
What if it's hot?

The brain paved a path,
Leaving a what if bath.
Showered and drunk.
Stuck in a what if funk.

Nervous and not.
Won the final plot.
Nerves were in knots.
Like wires on cots.

Rusty and worn.
Nothing was born.
Not even a word.
Why let it be heard?

Could be worse.
Could be a curse.
Could be bad.
Could be a fad.

The rational took hold.
Nothing needed to be told.
Could be was scary.
Could offend the tooth fairy.

Nervous Nelly had a rhyme.
But instead she sucked a lime.
Sucked and stayed in place.
Never showing her face.

Do you let nerves win? Do you rationalize not doing it at your bin? Are you a nervous nelly? Care what people think like those on the telly? Ratings are a big thing to those. Pffffft they can go suck on a hose. As can that nervous crap. We'll let someone else fall into that trap. Instead I'll continue to give sass from my not so nervous little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Sunday, April 22, 2018

The Align Of The Define!

Today we will define nothing at all. At least that is how you humans give it a call. It is really weird, like worshiping a guy in a red suit with a beard. But who's the cat to say. Yeah, I'll say it anyway.

Webster can define.
Even without a spine.
Here in the digital age,
No need to turn an actual page.

No need to slog through,
Finding many in view.
Some catch the eye.
Others, oh me, oh my.

Can get to it.
Type and search hit.
There is the defining way.
A definition on display.

So easy, yet hard.
Can't pull that card.
Or punch at it.
If you vent a bit.

Nope, not at all.
For here is your call.
Especially when wrong.
And people play along.

Depends on your definition.
Is that like a new edition?
One where you make stuff up?
My, that would help a pup.

Few brain cells needed.
Anything can be seeded.
Depends on your definition.
Real one can go into remission.

So if I call you a wanker,
You can reach into a big oil tanker?
What you pull out is the winner?
Definition is "You're a big clown loving, fish humping, barbie collecting, tire spinner.

Wow, I like this.
It could bring bliss.
Of course that depends on your view.
Damn, view and definition = times two.

Does that screw with it more?
Depends on the definition at your shore.
With words you are a magician.
Of course, that too, depends on your definition.

Do you use that saying to try and cloud the displaying? Rather sad to the cat. But depends on your definition where you are at. Hey, we don't even need dictionaries any more. Everything depends on your definition at your shore. That will save people from searching in mass. I guess I'm just a defining little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.  

Saturday, April 21, 2018

A Disastrous Day Comes To Play!

It is just so bad. No fun can be had. A disaster has struck. Back up the truck. Bury us now. I can't even meow. I can barely type. Can't get into the hype. Hip to be square? Hey, that popped in at my lair.

The A Mathematical Z At My Sea!


My day is done.
Can't have fun.
Ruined and over.
Call out to rover.

It's that bad.
Friends with rover is had.
Yep, world is done.
You better run.

Not a tornado.
Good guess though.
Even cheat rhymed a bit.
This is dire umm shit.

Not an earthquake.
Did you feel anything shake?
No? Then why ask?
Hand me that flask.

Not a meteor strike.
That can take a hike.
It would be so much better.
At least it would kill every ugly sweater.

Not a volcano going boom.
It is far worse doom.
Lava can't melt it away.
Oh the dismay.

Not a plague.
That is far more vague.
My OCD could even take it.
After this bit.

Not a alien attack.
Those probers aren't back.
They went to Mars.
So no need for your ass to hum a few bars.

Not a robot uprising.
It is far more surprising.
You can't even fathom it.
Your pants may even split.

I won't pay the bill.
Oh, this is such a large hill.
How can this be?
Pat didn't scoop my pee.

Such a disaster it is. What if I need to take another whiz? It will be eight hours or so. But I still may have to go. What if he doesn't scoop it? It will be a disaster if I have to shit. Oh look, here he comes. No disaster today chums. Do you use disaster when really it's not? Forget the definition or never see a disaster movie plot? I think you're safe from most disasters you claim. But hey, having no place to pee can suck all the same. Going to use disaster still in mass? It just had to be pointed out by my disastrous little rhyming ass. 

Experience spring, have a fling.