Wednesday, August 24, 2016

A What Off Movie Day At Play!

The cat almost threw up at this post. I actually did hack up a hairball the other day at our coast. Maybe I knew this was coming due. Birgit sure lets her What Off spew. Instead of Thursday she picked movies Wednesday at her bay. Wowee, what a day can do for her taste with those on display.

 Highlander is here.
It so deserves a cheer.
Why is that?
There can be only one where it's at.

Dark on screen.
That is serene.
Dark is all you see.
Dark impresses me,

Poop machines galore.
 So great at any shore.
Watch the poop machines poop.
They are quite the troop.

 Can take a ride.
Amusement in stride.
Not much swearing at all.
Such a nice last call.

A movie so dense,
It makes perfect sense.
Perfect sense to my cat. 
He napped through it on the mat.

So so great.
None can relate.
 Look at those pants.
Can sure impress umm ants.

 This you have to see.
It will impress thee.
Impress thee so much.
The TV you'll never again want to touch.

Nuked and alive.
A fridge to survive.
Tarzan comes into play.
Wow, such a fun display.

The police are coming.
The Russians are chumming.
Two for one.
Isn't that fun?

The Mask.
A dog put to task.
Just like number one, right?
Let it take flight.

Wowweee. I just lost brains cells from looking at them at my sea. Birgit gets no more What Offs done. She sure has a scary Wednesday movie run. Run is what you should do if any of these ever come into view. What was that? Nah, they weren't picked by the cat. She picked this whole very very very bad movie mass. You can trust my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Round Forty Nine As The Nuts Align!

Getting close to fifty, isn't that nifty? They keep on finding me and they keep falling from the creepy tree. Hey, gives the cat a post. Works for me at my coast. So with a break from What Off land the crazies come lend a hand.

Hand up my ass

That may offend if such a hand you lend.

furry x human

Some strange math? Furry and human bath?

furries with humans

Aren't they the same? One is just more lame.

girls sniffing girls butt

The new Playboy issue? Hope you have a tissue.

dirty sexy christmas

Still four months away. Hold onto your dirty play.

can i rhyme blog

No you can't. Go fry an ant.

big ass without bikini

There is a sight to see. Did it impress thee?

animals on my sack

That can hurt indeed. Especially when they take off at high speed.

goats and goats and goats and

We get the point. You're a goat lover at your joint.

love is in my womb

Good for you. Why you looking at my zoo?

Can I eat your nose

Umm hell no. Away you must go.

Humped and dumped

At least you got a thrill. Hope you used the pill.

work sucks donkey butt

I agree, most times at my sea.

horny old grump on a bike

That was quite the specific hike. Did you hit a strike?

And what beats the last one for the win of this run? Why someone who likes hair. They like it a lot at their lair. They must if this is true. For it is rather ewww.

Back hair floorplay munching

First they can't spell or maybe they like rolling around on the floor of their cell? Hey, the cat won't judge. Okay, maybe a bit as they chew back hair like fudge. Love that image there? Gonna chew some hair? Go ahead and chew in mass, just never tell my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.

Monday, August 22, 2016

A What Off Drunk In A Funk!

The cat has a What Off today that proves why one barely posts at her bay. She says it is because she is having fun. Really though, she knows she may bore everyone. Look what happens when Anne posts every day. It goes very much astray.

I have to post every day.
We can't have my fans go away.
But my miniature painting has all been shown.
So here is artwork, you can name this one, I draw when I'm alone.

I call this one the whack.
Can't you see it is an attack?
Maybe of a mime?
I don't have the time.

Unicorn with bad hair.
This one is really rare.
It could be worth a lot.
Too bad, it is already bought.

A circular thingy.
Or maybe a dingy.
I'll let you pick.
I drew it some slick.

A house for a mouse.
What a great house.
I impress myself.
Could also be for an elf.

A rubber ducky.
 Some may find it what the flucky.
But it has a big price tag.
No, you can't have it, so don't nag.

Man in a suit.
He is a brute.
Chopped off a bear head.
Now wears the thing dead.

The robo gunner.
What could be funner?
A robot with a gun.
That impresses everyone.

This is a man in a rock.
It might come as a shock.
But a man is in a rock.
Nope, he can't talk.

And finally, this one is of me.
In it can't you see me with glee?
My sharp teeth and beady eyes,
I sure seem oh so wise.

The cat can't show any more artwork from Anne. He may create too many a fan. Or make a bunch of people hurl. Now you see what happens if Anne gave posting every day a whirl. That last one sure has her look down though. Doesn't it just have her Irish glow? The cat may now go hide from that Irish Air lass. She may not appreciate her artwork being shown off by my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.